Barnwell’s Award-Winning Students!

Dr. Marcos Protheroe, Barnwell High School

They came, they saw, they won.

Three students earned Spanish awards for Barnwell High. At the Augusta University Spanish Contest, Loren Eubanks took First Place in the spelling bee. She went through several competition rounds and defeated a college student to take the top prize. The contest was open to all academic levels.

Kimani Pelote won First Place in the singing competition. She sang Porque te quiero (Because I Love You). The selection is a love-song parody from the classic 1969 Spanish textbook Usted y yo by Zenia Sacks da Silva. Perlote sang a cappella during the competition.

Johnathan Carrillo received a bronze medal for his high score on the National Spanish Examination (NSE). He competed against more than 160,000 students in grades 6-12 in the United States. The test measures proficiency in grammar, reading, listening, and vocabulary.

Carrillo competed in the “outside experience” category, which is a higher level of competition than the “classroom experience” category reserved for English-dominant students. Carrillo has had some limited exposure to Spanish at home.

During the present spring semester, Carrillo transferred to Bamberg-Ehrhart High School, but he represented Barnwell High on the NSE, since the test is computer-based. The NSE is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP).

Last year, Carrillo won a silver medal on the NSE.

Perlote, Eubanks, and Carrillo are presently Spanish 2 students. Their teacher, Dr. Marcos Protheroe, has taught at Barnwell High for three years. He holds a doctorate in Spanish American literature from the University of Puerto Rico.


Loren, Kimani, and Jonathan

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