AATSP of the Carolinas Fall 2017 Conference

“Learn, Share and Flourish”

Joint AATSPSC and AATSPNC Conference
November 4, 2017 at Winthrop University


Thank you so much to our attendees and presenters for making this a wonderful day of learning and laughter.  Below you will find links to the presentations provided by speakers.   We hope to see you all next year!

Keynote- Learner Centered Teaching Practices in the Language Classroom– Devon Hanahan

Spanish Honor Society- Spanish Honor Society- Staying Active and Relevant on the HS Campus– Caitlin Howard

Everything you wanted to know about the NSE… But were afraid to ask– Becky Bogan

No, It’s NOT Mexican Halloween– Stephane Schenck

Portuguese for Spanish Speakers – Making the Course –Alana Breen

The Big Three- Erin Carlson

Discovery Learning– Valerie Jepson

Postcards from Mexico– Joseph Weyers

Computer Delivered Feedback-Nina Moreno

Scrambled Eggs Quick Fixes for Language Assessment– Judson MacDonald

Using Proficiencies in the Languages Classroom – Alana Breen

Discovering Cultures– Alana Breen

Top Ten Google Tools for WL Teachers– Trixi DeRosa-Davis

AATSP 2017